Short Round Stringband is a group born of friendship, inspiration and passion for our musical heroes. Our very first concert together was a tribute to the great John Hartford, an artist who inspired each of us in our musical journeys. When we get together, we listen to music, we examine music, we debate music, and we participate in its evolution as we pay homage to our heroes and add our own dose of Short Round Stringband to the works they created and perpetuated.

In this milieu of musical tradition, we didn’t count Bill Monroe as a direct hero for our band. We appreciated his musical contributions to bluegrass, early country and hillbilly music. We knew the music he played evolved from the musical traditions he experienced from the people around him. We knew he had a knack for innovation and we knew that perhaps his greatest contribution was leading a new generation of musicians to innovate for themselves.

We headed into the project thinking that what we would produce would be very different from Bill Monroe’s own music: an old-time band covering the father of bluegrass. And it was different. And then it wasn’t. In the end, we did just what we think Big Mon would have wanted us to do: we followed his lead and then we made it our own. We hope that somewhere out there, Bill’s just shaking his head, grimacing disapprovingly and saying, “That ain’t no part of nothin’.”

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